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Facebook Changing The Face Of News - Opening Instant Articles To All Publishers

As social media has taken over the world with Facebook one of the key players in the New World Social Order (pardon the jest on NWO), they are now making waves in the world of news by opening their Instant News globally to all publishers.

This signifies how social media continues to drastically change the world we live and work in, and what does this mean for the future of news, press outlets, blogs and bloggers? Will this increase the level of news, lower new quality, or level the playing field for all working content, news and stories?

I believe - if it takes off - that this will have a great and positive effect on finding and following news and trends faster, and better. But, it also has some potential flaws, such as favoritism for largers names/brands, and will this reduce the quality of news and stories? With social media and blogs, we have already seen the disasterous results when it comes to spell check and grammar. (I am immune to this here, because this is my blog!) Over the last two or three years I have found an increasing number of what I not-so affectionately call the an an and and problem, with spelling and grammar, puncuation errors and repeated words, like an an and and, and have found this problem everywhere, from small blogs to leading media outlets and news sites like Mashable, eWeek and The Wall Street Journal.

And don't forget that Facebook's nemesis the almighty Google just launched their answer to Facebook's Instant Articles, with Google's AMP (Accelrated Mobile Pages), along with Apple News from last year. So the "instant news" space right now looks like Clash of the Tech Titans for leading the news/articles

While this sounds great and could have a wonderful impact on news and information and how fast we are able to view, this could also lead to even more spelling and grammar errors, more an an and ands, and a lower quality of the news being pushed to us. With everyone trying to be "first to market" to get their name and news in front of the world, are we at risk of quantity over quality?

Will be interesting to see how this plays out for Facebook and the world of news and information, and would love to hear your thoughts on these new developments with Instant Articles and AMP.

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