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What App for What: Blake Miller

Blake Miller @ImBmills

Miller, 30, has a hand in Kansas City’s mission to become the world's largest “smart” city. He’s a partner at Think Big Partners, which is pairing with Cisco to lead this charge. Thing Big is a Kansas City-based accelerator and co-working space that invests in and builds early-stage tech startups. That includes one that Miller co-founded, a fitness startup called Bodeefit.

What's on your homescreen?

I’m on Android and love the widgets. The Google Now widget takes up half my screen but provides the most relevant info at a glance, especially when traveling. Then I have email and text front and center, and I group work, messaging and social.

What app can't you live without?

Uber. I got rid of my car at the beginning of this year. I walk to work (a few blocks) every day and Uber everywhere else when needed. I get that this is a normal thing in big cities but this is NOT normal in Kansas City. I’m really interested in a future where it won’t make any sense to own a vehicle no matter where you live. I think Kansas City can be an interesting test bed.

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