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Series: What app to use for What? Katerina Axelsson

Katerina Axelsson @BottleFly

Katerina is an entrepenuer running a startup out of the SLO HotHouse business incubator on a mission to up end the wine industry. The BottleFly team of Cal Poly grads and students will be introducing wine to a new generation and changing the way people talk about wine.

What’s on your home screen?

Gmail and Facebook. I check my email whenever I’m out and about. I am compulsive about keeping my inbox clean. I use Venmo a lot because I like to split a pour-over with my team at our favorite coffee shop. News and Podcasts- I like listening to NPR planet money and FoundMyFitness. Quickvoice to record random ideas that may pop into my head and fast. Evernote, to clip articles and stories. My fitnesspal, to avoid buying that chocolate chip cookie.

Google Maps.

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