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Series: What app to use for What? Truman Prewitt

Another in our series that takes a different approach to the question, what app to use for what? Sometimes a description of an app doesn't tell where it fits in a day to day setting. So we have taken some information from around the web and have perfromed some interviews of our own to give you a glimpse at what is on some of these techy's, entrepenuers, and social media enfluencers home screens. Enjoy.
Truman Prewitt
Truman Prewitt

Serial entrepreneur and Co-Founder at Maxima PR. Spends most days dreaming of creative ways to get companies out into the open for the world to discover. Currently is also working on software solutions for marketing and PR that will make the world better.

What’s on your home screen?

The most prominent item on my home screen is Google Now. This service’s ability to anticipate what I need or may be interested in is deserving of the third of my screen it takes up. The rest of the screen I have separated between work and play. The work apps I spend most of my time on is the Mailbox app for work email and Boxer for personal. The apps ability to just swipe and postpone dealing with a message is key to managing the daily email tsunami. My businesses have begun the transition to Glip so I see the amount of time I spend on regular email slowing down but Mailbox especially is still a great app I will continue to use. In the social media realm I split the day between Twitter and Linkedin to stay connected and informed. Living in the PR world I spend a lot of time checking the news and Flipboard is my prefered consumption method with Twitter a close second. With the start of Football season here in the US all my phone play time is spent on the Yahoo and ESPN fantasy football apps.

Truman's Home Screen
What app can’t you live without?

Since I am doing some of these interviews I can say that I was surprised by the usual answer to this question. After some reflection nearly everyone stated that Google Maps was the app they could not live without and I agree. According to Homescreen Google maps is only on 38% of omescreens but still can't be lived without. Since the same answer every week would be boring, I will pick a runner up app, Uber. In the city, over seas, and especially now in small towns Uber has been amazing. It use to be a gamble to try and get a cab on a weekend in a small town or suburb. Now I can casually finish my beer while watching the Uber car make it’s way to me on the app’s map. Then walk out the door just as the car pulls up.

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