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Series: What apps to use for what? Jess Lee

The wording may change but when family, friends, and especially clients discover that Maxima PR specializes in social media the same question always comes up. How do I best use all these new social media and news apps? Lot’s of places on the internet gives great detailed descriptions of what these apps do and why the app is better than alternatives but they rarely fit that app into context with the other apps a person uses in a day. At Maxima PR we have found the most straightforward explanation is to give examples of what apps people use during a day and why. We will be poling media reporters, PR executives, and clients to understand their app usage but until the interviews are done I have scoured the internet to get some examples. CNN runs a series not devoted to this topic but often has some great insights. Keep check back with us as we continue this series over the next few months.

Jess Lee @jesskah
What’s on your home screen?

YouTube is a big part of my daily routine. I like to catch up on my favorite YouTubers like pewdiepie, Ryan Higa and ClothesEncounters while brushing my teeth. In the evenings I use Tumblr to keep up with my favorite fandoms, Polyvore to shop the latest styles, and Reddit because it’s the front page of the Internet. I communicate with friends across Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Snapchat. I wish someone would win the messaging wars already so I could just use one app.

What app can’t you live without?

Tumblr. I need my feels.

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