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Robot journalism is here… Is this the end of reporters?

Long-time news leader Associated Press (AP) recently launched their new creation called Robot Journalism, which uses automated technology Automated Insights Wordsmith software to create stories on breaking news and earnings reports. Since initiating this new technology the AP estimates it can now put out 3,000 earnings reports per quarter, up from 300 from the old fashioned, human reporter way, and there are no errors in the automated stories, unlike those written and edited by humans.

The use of Robot Journalist systems can actually help reporters, so it may not be the death knell some have feared. Reporters can use the system to produce an assigned earnings report in a fraction the time it would have previously taken. This new tool allows reporters time to contemplate the more thoughtful writings readers want.

Could this change Journalism to a fully automated system? I don’t think so, at least not yet. But, this is a very notable shift in the paradigm of media, news and public relations, and something to keep a close eye on.

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