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History of Success

Our goal based strategy means we do more than just get basic PR. We deliver results that support your companies strategic plan. Results for clients include increased website traffic for 123people  leading to increased revenue; H&S Software secured 65 new customers in one year to seal an acquisition; many clients have targeted a specific customer or distributer to grow the business. We can get you exposure with earned media and social media's reach to accomplish your goals. 


Alexandra Senoner

Head of Public Affairs

Yelster (formerly 123people)

Yelster Digital GmbH

“As a European company with a strong focus on the U.S., we highly commend Maxima PR for their market know-how. James Malone’s dedication to his clients is a refreshing plus.”

Taj Johnston-Montesano


Montesano Capital Partners

“I whole-heartedly recommend Maxima PR to companies looking beyond traditional agency offerings for someone who can take personal responsibility and manage implementation. James Malone is able to quickly distill the essence of a campaign and fully engage with maximum efficiency.”


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